Please join us this Sunday April 19th at 5:30pm in the lounge! We will be hosting a potluck dinner to welcome everyone home from their adventures and to kick off the spring season! Please see the food sign up sheet posted in the barn for more info 🙂

Imperial Stables April 2015 Newsletter

Well, we have made it through the long winter months and spring is finally here – the days are getting longer and brighter! With the start of the new season comes the excitement of spring-cleaning around the barn. We ask that winter blankets that are finished being used for the season get wrapped up and stored away so we can keep the aisle ways and crossties clutter free. As usual Old Country Laundry comes by regularly to pick up loads, but there is also a new service starting conveniently across the street at Greystone. The crosstie area has been better in the past few months, but as everyone returns from down south and the barn gets more traffic, please remember to thoroughly sweep every corner 🙂

This spring we have decided to implement a structured rate for holding empty stalls for extended periods of time. The fee for holding a stall for 1-4 weeks will be $200.00. If you wish to hold your stall for longer than a one-month period, the rate will be $500 a month. This rate doesn’t include feed or labor, its simply our raw cost to hold your stall for that time.

We had both our dressage and jumping teams down in California this winter showing and training. Justine took Sperabo to Thermal, CA for a month and have returned home safe and sound with lots of showing successes to boot! Shelley’s group spent two months in the sun and we are excited to hear about all of their fantastic accomplishments upon their return home.

Alicia is also home for the summer with the exception of some horse shows, and is excited to apply what she has learned during her internship here at Imperial 🙂

Feel free to direct any questions or concerns to either Alicia or Jill. Their emails are …  +

The barn will be hosting a spring potluck get together evening on Sunday April 19th to welcome everyone home from their journeys and to kick off the season 🙂

On behalf of the whole Imperial Stables management team we would like to say thank you for your continued business and support!


Simon, Susan, Alicia, Jill, Sue

The cold winter months are behind us and the days are getting longer and brighter around the barn 🙂 We would like to give a big warm welcome home to our horses and riders that have been down in California working hard and competing this winter!

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the BBQ a huge success! Fun was had by everyone young old and in between, pony rides dancing and good food. Stay tuned for pictures from the BBQ and up coming events at Imperial Stables. 

I would like to give a big thanks to Link 2 Life and our instructor Chris for putting on a very educational emergency first aid course on Friday. The information was relevant and we were able to act out different scenarios where our first aid training would apply.


Well another month has passed and we are getting that much closer to summer!

We would like to welcome our newest boarder Jen with her mare Bella to the barn; they moved in at the beginning of May.

Big news for Imperial Stables! We are the 1st COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified equestrian centre in Canada! We are so proud of this accomplishment and shows our commitment to health and safety. To give you a little background on the program, it is through Worksafe BC and rewards businesses that have a health and safety program that goes above and beyond legislation and regulations. We worked with FARSHA (Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association) as our certifying partner; they have been a great resource for us as we worked towards our certification this past year.

Simon and Bernie have also redone the round pen footing, so please test it out next time you need to lunge your horse and let us know how it is.

We should be able to enjoy the outdoors all summer now that the sprinkler system is up and running. Hopefully we get drier weather soon so we can test it out.

Just a reminder that the board increase is effective June 1st.

As per the notices posted around the barn we will be having a BBQ on June 30th starting at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome and promises to be lots of fun. Vera’s Burgers will be catering the event, providing burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers as well as salads and drinks. There will also be music and pony rides for the children.

Tickets are only $10.00 beforehand and $15.00 the day of the BBQ.

Please see Angela to get your tickets.



Imperial Stables Management Team