At Imperial Stables we believe in superior horse care. To ensure the horses can perform to the best of their abilities, we feed top quality hay and grain and customize feed programs for each horse. The horses get their water buckets filled at least twice daily, this way we know if they are drinking enough. Our night check ensures all the horses have food and water and are settled in for the night. We offer individual grass turnout in the summer months which allows the horses a mental respite from their training, they get to eat, roll and frolic in the grass.

Imperial Stables is a full board facility, this includes:

  • 4 feedings a day
  • Daily stall and paddock cleaning
  • Night check
  • Waters filled twice daily
  • Pasture turnout in the summer
  • Full use of both arenas and the round pen
  • Own locker per horse and tub overflow storage

Board Prices

Regular stall with 12 hr turnout $850+GST ($892.50)

Regular stall with 24hr turnout $925+GST ($971.25)

Double stall regular paddock with 24hr turnout $1050+GST ($1102.50)

Double stall large paddock with 24hr turnout $1100+GST ($1155.00)

Haul in and Overnight Prices

Daily and overnight rates $35 + GST per day.

Haul in fee $15 + GST per horse

*Please note; board is due on the first of every month, we accept debit, credit cards and post dated cheques.

For more information on Imperial Stables facilities and boarding please contact Jill by email at