Rupert Watching

We have just made a Dog Lounge!  So feel free to bring your dogs and put them in the Dog Lounge while your at the barn.  Its a great space and you don’t have to worry about them getting close to any of the horses or the tractor. In the dog lounge  there are dog beds, water dishes and toys but feel free to bring you dogs favorite bed or toys if you like.  The Dog Lounge is always open, bring your dogs to the barn anytime. chester

They’Imagere off again, to Thermal California to spend 3 weeks at the HITS horse show. This year is the biggest group of horses and riders we’ve had go down to Thermal.

They will be beginning their journey down tomorrow night, they will drive straight through with Simon and Justine splitting up the 33 hour drive.

Justine is taking Daisy her new Irish mare, and Sassy. Alicia will be taking Ryanna her new lease horse, Hannah is taking Trick it will be her first time competing at Thermal, and Anita is taking Casey her lovely 4 yr old as well as Jessie another one of the newly imported Irish horses.

We are all wishing them the best of luck, hoping they have a fun successful show!